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What are AI Summary Templates?
What are AI Summary Templates?

How to generate an AI Summary & Template descriptions.

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AI Summaries in Notably are like having another teammate in the room to help you debrief your conversations and jumpstart analysis. They surface information like:

  • Who did we talk to?

  • What was surprising?

  • What topics came up?

  • What patterns are emerging?

How it Works

You only need a single data file to get started.

You can generate a new summary on any audio file, video/transcript file, or document.

To generate a summary, click the "Summarize" button in the toolbar. This will open up a modal to choose which template may best fit the context of the data. Alternatively, if you are importing a file directly from your computer, you may choose a template upon uploading.

Each Summary Template is unique and based on popular research methods. We are releasing new templates every week. You may view any of our templates here in the Template tab, or here on our website.

In the Template tab of your workspace, you may "favorite" and browse all Summary and Insight templates, as well as read descriptions, use cases, and examples of how each template is helpful to your research.

Generating an AI insight will use 1 AI credit. You may generate as many summaries as you would like on a single data file.

How to ensure high quality summaries

For best results, choose a summary template that best matches the structure and content of the research conversation. For example, if you choose the usability or focus group template for a discovery conversation, the output will be less than optimal.

When in doubt, choose the discovery interview template or send us a message.

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