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Charts in Notably
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I don’t see any Charts? How do I create a chart in my Notably projects.

  • If you don’t see any Charts it’s because you haven’t started to analyze any data. Charts are created automatically from data files that have been highlighted and tagged.

  • Get the best results with charts by:

    • theming your data

    • assign a participant to data files….

    • Organizing tags by tag group (ex: persona)

What kind of charts can I visualize my data in?

  • You can see your data in a pie chart and in a stacked bar chart. Choose between these two graph types using the dropdown ‘Graph type.’

What are the different ways I can group my data?

  • You can choose between ‘Tag group’, ‘Tag’, ‘Theme’, and ‘Participant'. Each group shows up as its own bar in the bar chart or slice in the pie chart.

  • For example, try grouping data as ‘Participant’ to see the volume of notes assigned to each person. Or, group by ‘Tag group’ to see which of your tag groups have the most notes.

What are the different ways I can segment my data?

  • Segments are an optional way to break down the ‘bar’ in your bar chart and slices in your pie chart one step further. This provides you with an additional tool to visualize your data. This dropdown is conditional to the ‘group by’ option. For best results choose something complimentary to the way your data is grouped.

  • For example: try grouping by ‘Themes’ and segment by ‘Participant’ to see how people have contributed to themes.

What are the different ways I can color my charts?

  • Depending on how you’ve grouped or segmented your charts will affect the options available to color your chart. Charts use colors that are a mix of sentiment, tag, theme, and default colors.

  • Consider color as a way of assigning another layer of meaning to your data. For example, choose a red color for tags or themes that are areas of friction or pain points. Use blue for tags that represent opportunities.

How do I save or download a chart?

  • If you’ve created a chart you like, you can click “Download” to save it a png to your computer.

What’s on the roadmap for charts?

  • Soon you’ll be able to filter charts down by filters such as ‘tag group’, ‘tag’, ‘theme’ and ‘participant’. You’ll be able to add dynamic charts to insights. Different chart types such as radar charts and treecharts are on the roadmap as well.

Charts is currently in Beta. We’re actively testing and gathering feedback on Charts in order to improve the experience. Please reach out to [email protected] if you’d like to participate in early beta feedback and testing.

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