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What are AI Insight Templates?
What are AI Insight Templates?

How to generate an AI insight & Template descriptions.

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Insights are high-level summaries within research projects. They're a powerful way to summarize and transfer knowledge, especially when they are linked with evidence.

How it Works

Summarize themes or tags into insights.

You can generate a new insight from inside an individual theme, or from your canvas toolbar. Once you select the "New AI Insight" button, you may choose a template that best fits the context of the data you are summarizing.

While there's no hard and fast rule around getting started, we find that a theme should have at least 5 notes or ideally about 10.

Each Insight Template is unique and based on popular research frameworks. You may view any of our templates here in the Template tab, or here on our website.

In the Template tab of your workspace, you may "favorite" and browse all Summary and Insight templates, as well as read descriptions, use cases, and examples of how each template is helpful to your research.

Generating an AI insight will use 1 AI credit.

How to ensure high quality insights

For best results, choose an insight template that best matches the structure and content of the research conversation. For example, I may choose the persona template for an insight based on the tag "teacher" to develop a deeper understanding of this type of participant in my study.

When in doubt, choose the discovery insight template or send us a message.

πŸ‘‹ Have an idea or feedback around AI generated insights in Notably? Let us know!

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